Come and listen to my story about a man named Scrooge.

A greedy miser.  An extremely evil Dude.

Then on a Christmas Eve, he’s haunted by some Ghost.

He’d soon better change his ways, or his Soul is Toast.

       “Damnation that is, the Fires of Hell!” (Narrator)

Well, the first thing you know, Scrooge sees visions of the Past

‘minding him of happier days and values that would last.

But Scrooge passed up the life that comes with wife and family.

To consumed by greed, his Soul risked calamity.

      “Now he’s alone by choice, that’s a tough choice.” (Narrator)

Present Day Ghost shows Scrooge the Boss; as a total Jerk.

Cratchit’s got no choice and he’s working as the clerk.

Bob’s caring for his family, but Tiny Tim needs special care.

Tim’s time is neigh lest Scrooge treat his family fair.

      “A family Health Plan? Bah Humbug!” (Voice of Scrooge)                       

The Future Ghost fills Scrooge with so much dread,

He now understands there are fates worse than being Dead.

The Future Ghost shows Scrooge his un-mourned grave,

Scrooge prays and fills his heart with God’s love…                      

his Soul was finally saved.

     Redemption there was! It was a DICKENS of a night! (Nar.)

Well, that’s the story ‘bout Scrooge and all his Sins.

The Ghost would like to thank you folks ‘fer kindly ‘listen in.

To save Jacob Marley from knocking at Your door,

{chains rattling}

Be careful how you act and Your Mortality!

Salvation there is, for everyone, even Movie Stars.

“Ya’ all be good now, ya’ hear?” (Narrator)